Streamlining the employee onboarding process to make it more efficient and secure.

Sarah Smith
Operations Manager
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As a business owner, I want to streamline my employee onboarding process to save time and ensure the security of my company's information.

Sarah Smith is a 32-year-old operations manager for Smith HR Solutions, a human resources consulting firm in Australia.

Sarah's primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the company's processes, including the employee onboarding process.

Sarah started her HR solutions company to make the HR process more efficient and stress-free for small business owners.

However, as the company grew, she realized that the employee onboarding process took up too much of her time and resources.
She wanted to find a solution to make the process faster and more secure.

To streamline the employee onboarding process, Sarah chose, a secure and efficient solution for employee onboarding. allowed her to verify the identity of new employees and manage the process from start to finish, saving her time and resources.

The platform integrated with her HR system and to streamline the employee onboarding process, Sarah followed these steps:

  • Signed up for and integrated it with her HR system in minutes
  • Set up the employee onboarding process, including document verification, facial liveness detection, and background check.
  • Launched the identity verification of new employees and managed the onboarding process.
  • Monitored the process and made adjustments as needed to ensure efficiency and security.
  • Took advantage of's Zapier integration to notify via Slack of any review needed.

In conclusion, the human resources industry is constantly evolving, and companies are looking for ways to streamline HR processes and reduce costs. offers a solution for employee onboarding that is secure, efficient, and flexible, making it the perfect choice for businesses in the human resources industry.

By using, Sarah was able to streamline the employee onboarding process, save time and resources, and ensure the security of sensitive information.

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