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Finally get to know and trust your customers

Effortlessly verify your customers' identity, including age, liveness, AML and background checks to stay compliant and prevent fraud in less than 10 seconds. platform
Thousands of small businesses and startups trust us to verify their customers' identities.
Fraud prevention

Identity verification offers a reliable and customizable AI-powered identity verification service that integrates liveness detection, AML and PEP checks, biometrics, age verification, and more. Our automated service allows you to verify customer identities using multiple methods without slowing down the process.
8000+ government-issued identity documents
200+ countries and territories covered
Start-to-finish verification process in less than 30 seconds*
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Age verification
Privacy by design

Age verification

Age verification should be just that — age and nothing else. Our range of tools makes it easy to meet age requirements without sacrificing customers' privacy or sharing excessive personal information, such as name or date of birth.
AI-automated process
Selfie | ID document | Facial liveness detection
No-code link and API
Advanced digital security

Facial liveness detection

Improve security with zero added friction. Protect against fraud and spoofing attacks with a single image and passive facial liveness detection. No smiling, head-moving, blinking or moving the camera.
Protect against fraud and spoofing attacks
Fast and accurate
No added friction or bias
Facial liveness detection
User management
Unified user management

Consolidated overview of every user

Quickly stitch together user profiles from multiple sources and incrementally add attributes over the customer's lifetime with a scalable, cloud-based user management system.
A future-proof, single source of truth
Progressive profiling
Integration with downstream processes
Premium Addon

AML & PEP screening

Our comprehensive service includes Identity Verification, PEP and sanctions checks, adverse media screening, and ongoing monitoring to ensure you're always compliant and protected.
Customers in check with global PEP & sanctions screening
Protect your business from negative news and potential risks
Stay on top of changing risks with ongoing monitoring
AML & PEP screening
Identity risk assessment
Premium Addon

Identity risk assessment

We collect more than 30 relevant data points and information about your customers to help you identify anything that could harm your business.
Device 12 data points like IP, provider, brand, browser
Email and phone number intelligence and report in 27 networks network monitoring — IP, accounts match, network presence
Made for developers & makers

A better development experience

Everything you need to rapidly deliver a great customer experience so your development team can focus on what they do best: innovation and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

You no longer need to stitch together disparate tools or spend months building identity functionality.
Developer support
Our API specialists are available to answer questions as you build.
Code samples
We've worked hard to make building with our API as painless as possible.
MacBook mockup whatsapp integration automate identity verification via WhatsApp. chose because they needed a flexible API to integrate with their platform and workflow.

Their main challenge was keeping the identity verification process inside the WhatsApp experience while giving them complete control of data for their customers.
Luis Loaiza
Zapier integrations

Get more value from your customers' data

With Zapier, connect your workspace with tools like Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp, Intercom, and over 5000 apps and tools.
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Pricing that is Clear and Predictable

Always know precisely what you'll pay.

Simple, transparent, and predictable pricing that grows with you.
Try our Growth plan for free for 14 days.
Designed for Startups and SMBs
Hive. id's products and pricing have been specifically designed for startups and SMBs that have been overlooked and overcharged by other services on the market.
Quick Verification Process
Start with a photo of a document, and we take care of the rest. Users don't have to specify which country or document they use; our AI will instantly detect it.
Global Growth Potential
Verify customers virtually anywhere. We support over 200 countries and territories with over 8,000 government-issued identity documents in over 75 languages.

Growth plan

Our most popular plan for teams that needs flexibility and scalability.
Everything in our Developer free plan plus...
250 verifications
Identity risk assessment
250 SMS
AML & Sanction screening
Zapier integration
Custom email integration
Identity verification
Custom SMS integration
Age verification
Unlimited workspaces
Liveness detection
Team role management
Custom branding
Custom countries and document types
14-day free trial (no cc)

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